11. IDBF klub legénység sárkányhajó világbajnokság 2018

A Magyar Sárkányhajó Szövetség és a Nemzetközi Sárkányhajó Szövetség júliusban Szeged rendezi meg a világbajnokságot. A verseny időpontja 2018. július 17 - 22.

VB Hírek

Manly Dragon Boat Club (MDBC)

The Manly Dragon Boat Club (MDBC) was created in 2006 and since then we have grown to around 120 members. Manly is located on Moreton Bay in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Brisbane enjoys a sub-tropical climate with conditions favourable to dragon boating all year round. Some say jokingly that the Brisbane winter only lasts for about one week in July. That might explain why so many of our club were prepared to travel so far this time. Numbering close to 60 paddlers, this is the largest contingent we have ever sent to compete internationally.



J-Dragon was established in 2012 with the mission and vision of encouraging more young new bloods to devote themselves in dragon boat sport to pass on the sport and its culture. Since its establishment, we have been encouraging team members to participate in different dragon boat-related activities and trainings.


Philadelphia Flying Phoenix

The Philadelphia Flying Phoenix Senior A and B Dragon Boat teams have traveled from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. We provide a challenging and competitive environment for women from all walks of life, including a breast cancer survivor and youth team. We race locally in the Philadelphia area as well as nationally and internationally.

11. IDBF Klub Legénység Sárkányhajó Világbajnokság Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma Európai Sárkányhajó Szövetség Magyar Sárkányhajó Szövetség Nemzetközi Sárkányhajó Szövetség Nemzeti Versenysport Szövetség 11. IDBF Klub Legénység Sárkányhajó Világbajnokság
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